The Giddings Lab was originally at UNC-Chapel Hill until 2010, then Boise State University until 2013. It  was led by Morgan C. Giddings, Ph.D. It was most generally classified as a “Systems Biology” group. We combined computational (“dry lab”) approaches and traditional “wet lab” approaches, to gain a global scientific view of the the workings of cells and life processes. We worked on computational proteomics, top-down proteomics, and intracellular modelling. Please visit the Projects page for more information on what we did, or the People page for who was involved.

The lab was closed in 2013 when Dr. Giddings decided to pursue her business of helping other faculty and researchers as a full-time venture.

Contact us at:
tel: (208) 514-1639 (note: this is also the business number for my company)